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whats left of the whiskey…

whats left of the whiskey…

the band with no apparent apostrophe!…sometimes…

but a new logoIMG_3063

it’s wiggly woggly, a bit celtic, involves snakes, a mention of alcohol and a mixture of seemingly strange acoustic and electric instruments… yep, that’s us!

 laughingAlternative international Rock-Folk;  full-on songs about people, life and passion.                       

 violin, vocals, different guitars, great sound and arrangements.

                        …acoustic, electric, folk, rock, and beyond…original and traditional

Acoustic instruments (for example the violin or guitar) played in a way that Rocks in Groovy arrangements …sometimes swaying from electric around blues and folk.

have a listen, follow the link below:

                    The songs are about travel, personal politics, people, life!…

written with feeling and thought, performed with passion and skill.

On stage it really is ‘live & direct’ … natural musical expression

…influences could be the Pogues, the Clash, the Chieftans or any band that has fun and enjoys sharing it!

 International Sound Travelling

Expect a wild mixture of crazy Russian or Irish sounding fiddling, head nodding beats and songs including humour, sex, social criticism, love, and alcohol.


Mr.Eugene: Vocals, fiddle, mandolin, guitars, accordion.

Simon: Vocals, guitars, mandolin.

(Tall) Paul: Vocals, bass guitar (4 and 5 string), bodhran.


Mr.Eugene influences that people have recognised include John Martin, David Byrne, Rory McLeod, The Levellers and The Who. He has collected international styles from living and gigging in Ireland, Germany, Spain and coast-to-coast in the USA during a three year adventure.

Simon brings a flavour and passion of 1977 to the band; his distinctive voice has impressed people across mainland Europe including memorable tours into previous communist block countries. His song writing is direct, poetic and catchy: it spans a folky acoustic sound and a rocky style.

(Tall) Paul brings a depth to the vocals and an energy that has warmed him to the West Country folk-rock scene in various bands. His wide experience and interest (from the New Model Army to PJ Harvey) informs his performance, making the sound colourful and vibrant.

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