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Please see below for examples past sound art projects



From a residential sound project at Colebrook Day Centre (Redhill) for people with learning disabilities (funded by The Arts Council). In this I recorded participants and environmental sound, which I then edited, along with archive sounds of the centre, to create a CD of compositions: providing a memory portrait of the centre. It was warmly welcomed and enjoyed as a piece of entertainment, but it was equally valuable as a practical tool during follow-up sessions for people with mental health issues.


Between the South Downs and the sea, people and nature, town and countryside, this short film celebrates and highlights the human interaction with the environment around Brighton. There is no spoken dialogue, Eugene McCloskey composed the music and sound for this short film.

Following Shank’s Pony: where I use sound recording with a group of people on an outside walk. I edit and manipulate the sound to provide a composed memory impression of the experience. The ‘soundscape’ is enhanced by digital photographs of the walk; a visual artist then transfers these to canvas along with painting. There have been five walks up until now: the results of which have been successfully exhibited as installations (e.g. The Skyline Gallery 2011).

Below are the audio sound tracks for each walk, to see some associated visuals please scroll down to find a link to a myspace site. 

Audio from a Following Shanks pony walk #️⃣1,

Audio from a Following Shanks pony walk #️⃣2,

Audio from a Following Shanks pony walk #️⃣2a, dub mix

Audio from a Following Shanks pony walk #️⃣3,

Audio from a Following Shanks pony walk #️⃣4,

Please follow the link below to a myspace site where the audio can be heard with associated visuals.

Shanks Pony myspace

Walters Leben, an autobiographical poem of an 80-year-old German, in the form of a rap; it includes the sounds of Russian tanks, his wife and children, table tennis (his hobby), animals (relating to his hometown mythology) etc.

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