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October 1, 2016 / Eugene

composer, musician, performer, technician, tutor.

welcome to my website

hello and welcome to my site

Artistic Performance Technical (APT)

This site provides a central starting point to access relevant information and media.

I have tried to keep it simple; use the tab headings at the top to go to specific areas.

Please feel free to send a personal message or comment below by clicking on the speech bubble.

On the right there are links to  sites to see and hear my work.

Latest news:

Planned live performance with what’s left of the whiskey 

click here to hear what’s left of the whiskey live

Been training in Funding and Social Media including blogging.

Re-working older compositions e.g. ‘Someone Arrives’ to have clarinet solo.

Composed and recorded Walters Leben: an autobiographical poem of an 80-year-old German, in the form of a rap.

I recently composed music for a youtube channel and brushed up with extra training on using digital music for education and digital sound mixing.

have a look at films that I’ve added;



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